President Bola Tinubu
By Akib Abiola
Mission is possible. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but Nigerians need to exercise a little patience.
The previous administration left the country in a bankruptcy state without future oil revenues cash inflow. They had collected the money for future oil sales @officialABAT is operating behind the eight ball.
It is hard to squeeze blood out of a turtle. There is no cash flowing in from crude sales. We are only delivering to the purchasers that the previous government had collected money from. The billionaires are not paying their fair share of taxes.
This is the time for Nigerians to be patriotic and give the President the support he needs to get the job done. @PBATMediaCentre are working tirelessly to source revenues and inflows of hard currencies.
The situation PBAT met our treasury is like a beautiful bride who found out on her wedding night that the groom is impotent and jobless but still decided that she will do whatever it takes to make the marriage a success.
Every Nigerian must do their part. This is the only country we have. We can’t afford to let it sink.
Every Nigerian must buckle up and rally around the President to rescue the country. We must say NO to imported goods and YES to made in Nigeria. We must tackle crime and banditry together. We must embrace farming and agriculture.
Most importantly, we must nip corruption in the bud.
Nigeria is in her present economic predicament because of corruption by successive government since 1980. If we don’t kill corruption now, corruption will kill us.
Over $500 billion has been looted out of Nigeria since 1983. We must work aggressively to get these looted funds repatriated to Nigeria.
We won’t need to borrow money and our Naira would be stronger if we can get our looted funds returned to Nigeria either voluntarily or by force.
Together we can make Nigeria great again.
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