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Chief Bisi Akande


Recently at a function in Abuja former Governor of Osun State and former Chairman of APC, His Excellency, Bisi Akande made some very unkind, disparaging and discourteous remark on my beloved party, the PDP.

I have made every effort to suppress the urge to respond to him hoping and believing that the NWC of the PDP or at least its National Publicity Secretary will stand up and give Gov Akande an adequate reply in equal measure.

But having heard nothing yet from my party, I can no longer suppress this urge to respond to Bisi in my personal capacity.

Let me state from the onset that I can forgive Bisi if his retentive memory is failing him because all of us at a stage in life, elements of senility or dementia will begin to manifest as the realities of life as we grow very old!

Now let me take Bisi down the memory lane of PDP history from 1999 to early 2014 before the birth of his party, the APC. If you look at all the results of the Presidential elections of 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011, one could see that at each election the results scored by the PDP are more than that of all the other political parties put together!

From the above statistics, it is clearly obvious that whatever arrangements put by whatever alliance and by whatever nomenclature named, APC or whatever, the outcome will not change or threaten the dominance of the PDP in any future election more so that of 2014. Bisi must have known this as an indisputable fact because he was fairly mentally alert at that time.

So when the APC alliance or contraption was formed in 2014, anybody with ordinary common sense knew that it was a barren woman who could not conceive unless it is fertilized by special seed! This much is a very undisputed fact!

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The major task then before the desperate barren APC after formation/contraption was how to woo and elope with any seed that could fertilize it. Of course this period coincided with the then ‘Civil War’ in the PDP! In this desperation, the APC took in the PDP seed which it had all along disparaged and ‘evilized’ to no end. Bisi and Co called PDP ‘looters, Boko Haram, a plague and everything unimaginable! As God will have it, it is this ‘evil’ that gave birth to what catapulted His Excellency Gov Bisi Akande from an obscure local little AC/ACN into national limelight.

Has His Excellency forgotten that my PDP political DNA is now in his blood?

While the fore finger he is pointing at what he calls the ‘dirt’ in PDP, his other three fingers are pointing to the PDP dirt in him!

But like I pointed earlier, he can be forgiven and must be forgiven. Senility and dementia are an attribute of old age!

*Lamido is one of the nine PDP founding members, former foreign affairs minister and former Jigawa State governor.

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