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Google has announced that it will lay off hundreds of employees in its advertising sales team.

Google made this known on Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

The move adds to signs that job cuts will continue this year, as companies look to adopt artificial intelligence software and automation to lighten workloads.

Last week, Google said it would lay off several employees in its Voice Assistant units, hardware teams responsible for Pixel, Nest, and Fitbit, as well as in its augmented reality team.

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Google’s customer solutions unit, which serves medium-level advertiser clients, will be the core team for growth moving forward, Reuters quoted the company as saying.

Amazon also said last week that it would lay off several hundred employees in its streaming and studio operations and 500 workers at its video streaming platform, Twitch.

Last month, Google – once touted as a leader in spurring AI research – unveiled its long-awaited AI model Gemini, as the company attempts to catch up to Microsoft in the AI race.

In January 2023, Alphabet announced plans to cut 12,000 jobs, or 6 per cent of its global workforce.

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